Xanathar’s Lost Notes to Everything Else

This has been quite a year! In the Summer! I announced that I was fortunate enough to be selected to join the DMs Guild Adepts program, through which I have published several PDFs with amazing creators on the DMs Guild!

Our largest project to date is without a doubt, Xanathar’s Lost Notes to Everything Else. Behold!

The brainchild of Ruty Rutenberg, this thing is a massive 88 pages described as…

Xanathar’s Lost Notes to Everything Else is a massive collaboration of DMs Guild Adepts that expands the options for players and dungeon masters presented in the D&D core rulebooks and supplements.

This sourcebook provides a plethora of scribbles, scrolls, and schemes curated by Volothamp Geddarm’s protégé, Aladair, pilfered from Xanathar prior to publication of his Guide to Everything. Presented in the crime syndicate’s unique style, including a high fashion collector’s cover, the DMs Guild Adepts bring you new player options, including subclasses for every class, backgrounds, magic items, a race, DM rules options, and an adventure!

Inside this massive tome of full color art, you get:

25 New Subclasses

  • Barbarian Path of the Courageous Heart
  • Barbarian Path of the Red Reaver
  • Barbarian Path of the Sacred Kin
  • Bard College of Discord
  • Bard College of Keys
  • Bard College of Mourning
  • Cleric Entropy Domain
  • Cleric Survival Domain
  • Druid Circle of Seasons
  • Druid Circle of the Spiritlord
  • Fighter Dragoon
  • Fighter Runeguard
  • Monk Way of Atonement
  • Monk Way of Empathy
  • Paladin Oath of Predation
  • Paladin Oath of Providence
  • Ranger Burghal Explorer
  • Ranger Wasteland Wanderer
  • Rogue Divine Herald
  • Sorcerer Fey Magic
  • Warlock The Chaos
  • Warlock The Noble Genie
  • Wizard Beguiler
  • Wizard Mage Hunter
  • Wizard Reconstruction

5 New Backgrounds

  • Dead
  • Heretic
  • Legendary Lineage
  • Polymorphed
  • Retired Adventurer

Feyblood, a New Race

6 New Rules Modules for DMs

  • Expanded Critical Hit Effects Rules
  • Critical Miss Effects Rules
  • New Rules for Death and Dying
  • Expanded Injury Rules
  • Expanded Sanity and Corruption Rules
  • A New Table for Uncovering Story Items

More than 20 New Magic Items

An Adventure in Chult for Tier 1 Characters

If you want to see one of the subclasses I worked on with Ruty and INCREDIBLE editor James Haeck, check out the Fey Sorcerer!

Note the amazing layout and production by Rich Lescouflair! He worked tirelessly on this product and is now getting it ready to create a Print on Demand version! Helluva guy!

In addition to Rich, Ruty, James, and me, here’s who else worked on this project!

You can get your PDF copy ofXanathar’s Lost Notes to Everything Else right now on the DMs Guild!

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